In the processing of ISO 20022 payment messages for exceptions and investigations, if the case assignee does not have enough information to find the original CustomerCreditTransferInitiation / FIToFICustomerCreditTransfer message, it requests a copy of the original message by sending RequestForDuplicate (camt.033) message to the case assigner. The case assigner returns a copy of the original message using the Duplicate (camt.034) message. 

                                                  Illustration- Request for duplicate message


The Duplicate message can be used to return duplicates of a payment instruction in any format such as XML, FIN, EDIFACT, and proprietary formats. On receiving a valid Duplicate message, the case assigner returns the ResolutionOfInvestigation message with code CONF as confirmation status. The ResolutionOfInvestigation message is forwarded to all preceding case assignees in the payment chain until it reaches the case creator.

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