Welcome to Nth Exception! 

We collaborate with Payment Technology providers, Banks, and Consultancies to optimize the core of Cross Border Payment Operations and Bank's Back End Processes. 

Nth Exception's Professional services ensure your readiness, helps accelerate the implementation, and when needed, we manage the complete project end-to-end. 

Our tried and tested methodology ensures the timely delivery of your SWIFT gpi solution and ISO20022 implementation. As a trusted liaison between PayTech and your institution, we provide you valuable project oversight; report on dependencies, progress, issues, and corrective actions. 

Leveraging our experience, we assist you with the best practices applied within the industry, thereby mitigating risks. 

The on-site only service offers are best equipped to help you define a comprehensive roadmap for SWIFT gpi and ISO20022 implementation that will ultimately reduce the overall effort. Reduced lead time between the subscription date and the go-live date makes a positive impact on your capacity to advertise and gain momentum in a fast-evolving market. 

We at Nth Exception also perform a detailed review of bank’s cross border payment processes, costs, skills, and the effort required for successful deployment thereby optimizing the staffing, staff knowledge, bringing in cost efficiencies, and improving Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for banks to deliver value propositions to their customers.  

Why Choose Us?

Sometimes we are too close to the problem to see it, or simply don’t have the bandwidth or the skill-set to solve a complicated yet simple problem.  

We Stabilize, then Optimize your processes, train your people, and change your culture to sustain the gain. 
We offer an unrelenting dedication to partnering with clients and shaping their payments businesses for the better and working together to positively transform the experience of the Human behind the payment. 

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