All over the world, banks, financial institutions and corporates are racing against time to complete, test and validate payment system transformation programs in line with SWIFT CBPR+ and multiple clearing-scheme-specific ISO 20022 specifications and deadlines.

A smooth transition requires comprehensive testing of payment messages and associated data flow through complex, end-to-end payment processing chains within and outside of individual adopting bank / FI / corporate’ systems, including channels, payment engines, core banking, transaction monitoring, sanctions and filtering systems.

Banks globally have realised the inherent scale and complexity of the ISO 20022 Migration; and that it requires them to test extensively in-house before asking counterparties and clients to engage in end-to-end scenario testing.

Additional Real-World challenges are around:

- Manual generation of large volumes of ISO 20022 compliant test data with corresponding FIN messages

- Validation of schemas

- Network validation of messages

- Data validation and enrichment for STP in production

Nth Exception’s  ISO 20022 Conformance Testing Platform is a purpose-built solution for generating geography-specific synthetic payment messages for ISO 20022 internal and external conformance testing. 

Part of our ISO 20022 data suite, the ISO 20022 Conformance Testing Platform is a cloud-hosted self-service application or an on-premises installable that can be integrated into your existing payments testing sandboxes and test automation environments to support bank / FI transition to the new ISO 20022 payments standard.

We understand creating meaningful ISO 20022 test data for multiple scenarios is complex and time-consuming. With global ISO 20022 deadlines approaching, now more than ever it is important that banks / financial institutions and their testing partners have access to Useable test data for testing end-to-end payment flows. 

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