Non Receipt Query is raised by a case creator/case assigner to initiate an investigation for missing funds at the creditor (missing credit entry to its account) or at an agent in the processing chain. This message covers only one payment instruction. For multiple payment instructions missing multiple ClaimNonReceipt messages should be sent.

If the Creditor has not received payment it informs the Debtor. The Initiating Party of the payment instruction initiates ClaimNonReceipt (camt.027) message. The case assignee checks the status of the payment instruction. The payment instruction can be pending, rejected, canceled, or executed.

If the payment instruction is pending, the case assignee returns a ResolutionOfInvestigation (IPAY) to the case assigner to confirm its eventual execution. The RejectInvestigation message is sent when the payment instruction has been rejected or canceled.

The case assignee forwards the ClaimNonReceipt message to the next agent in the payment chain if the payment instruction was executed and the payment was not ‘on us’. The NotificationOfCaseAssignment (FTHI) is returned to the case assigner.

If the payment instruction was executed and the payment was ‘on us’, the case assignee returns ResolutionOfInvestigation (CONF). This message is forwarded to the case creator. The case creator should close the case on receipt of the ResolutionOfInvestigation (CONF) message.

If the payment instruction was incorrectly routed to an agent then the payment cancellation request is sent to the next agent in the payment chain.  If a truncation or omission has occurred, the correction in the payment instruction is made by sending RequestToModifyPayment. In either case, the case assignee has to return a ResolutionOfInvestigation to the case creator with status cancellation will follow (CWFW) or RequestToModifyPayment (MWFW) or UnableToApply will follow (UWFW). 

Illustration 1 Payment is Paid As Instructed

Scenario 1 - When the Debtor Agent receives ClaimNonReceipt, it checks that the payment is not “on us” and forwards the ClaimNonReceipt message to the Creditor Agent. The Creditor Agent checks that the payment has been executed correctly and sends an AdditionalPaymentInformation message to the Creditor. 

The ResolutionOfInvestigation with information status (INFO) is returned to the Debtor. Refer to Illustration 1.

Illustration 2 - Payment is not Paid as Instructed

Scenario 2 - In this case, the Debtor creates a case by sending ClaimNonReceipt's message. If the payment is not “on us”, it is forwarded to Creditor Agent. The Creditor Agent identifies that incorrect account has been credited and sends a DebitAuthorisationRequest to the Creditor whose account has been credited to debit the account. When the Creditor returns DebitAuthorisationResponse, the Creditor Agent initiates payment to the correct Creditor account and returns ResolutionOfInvestigation (IPAY) message. Refer to Illustration 2.

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