In an investigation workflow, a case creator or an intermediate case assigner in the exception workflow can request to cancel a case by sending CancelCaseAssignment (camt.032) message.

This message is forwarded to all case assignees until it reaches the last party who should act on the case. The ResolutionOfInvestigation message with identification of case to be closed and AssignmentCancellationConfirmation element set to yes if cancellation is confirmed or no if cancellation is rejected is returned by the case assignee who cancels the case. 

The ResolutionOfInvestigation is returned by all case assignees in the case workflow until it reaches the creator of CancelCaseAssignment. If the case creator has initiated CancelCaseAssignment, the entire case will be canceled. If the CancelCaseAssignment is initiated by an intermediate case assigner only the assignment initiated by this party will be canceled.

Here is an illustration of the CancelCaseAssignment message flow.

If an Agent is unable to process a payment request it sends UnableToApply to the previous Agent in the payment chain. However, if the Agent is able to resolve the problem, it can cancel the UnableToApply case by sending a CancelCaseAssignment message.

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