Blockchains / DLT is no more an emerging technology, it has drawn considerable interest from firms from different categories- technology developers, financial institutions, national governments, the academic community, etc.

Numerous sources coming from these backgrounds identify blockchains as having the potential to bring significant benefits and innovation as they promise transparent, tamper-proof, and secure systems that can enable novel business solutions, especially when combined with smart contracts. 
The question of how this technology can be deployed in a business environment has captivated the payments industry, be it BigTechs, FIs, or Paytechs... 

The search for implementations and use cases is now a key focus of innovation teams in major financial institutions and is top of mind for executives seeking to determine future strategies for their transaction businesses and other data-driven operations.

As we continue to understand and explore, we at Nth Exception have collated a list of known Token and Coin Projects.