SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi) has dramatically improved the customer experience in cross-border payments by increasing speed, transparency of fees and end-to-end tracking. Currently with over 3900 members, and transferred nearly USD77 trillion cross-border payments in 2019. That’s almost double the $40 trillion that moved through the service in 2018, SWIFTgpi pack is a preferred choice in within correspondent banking. 

As part of the gpi pack, participants have access to gpi Observer insights. Allowing the gpi member banks to pinpoint areas for improvement and work collaboratively towards better implementation of SLAs. Along with this, members also have a view of other member banks SLAs assisting in fact-based discussions and developing new payment routings. 

Based on the feedback, SWIFT introduced gpi observer analytics. 

The resource offers gpi member financial institutions detailed insights on both their gpi traffic flows and the gpi community’s overall traffic, providing them with unprecedented levels of actionable business intelligence. 

By gaining in-depth and granular views on gpi flows, banks are equipped with the solution to: 

– View direct and indirect correspondents and the most effective payment routes to reach countries or correspondents. 

– Initiate gpi flows with new correspondents and in other currencies.

– See and understand payment routing market practices. 

– Track gpi adoption rate at country, corridor and correspondent level.

– Analyze how fast the correspondents are processing the payment instructions.

– Gain insights into the speed of end-to-end gpi transactions and durations of specific routings. 

– Benchmark the gpi processing times against the community. 

– Identify any outliers in the correspondent banking flows through the network diagram. 

– Show your customers tangible metrics regarding your institution’s service to gain and retain customers. 

Click here - SWIFTgpi Observer insights getting started guide 
Click here - gpi Observer Analytics factsheet

To learn more about gpi Observer Analytics visit www.swift.com/ObserverAnalytics or email gpi.observer@swift.com.