E-Commerce and Fintech have been building each other while growing stronger, making 2019 a year of global digital transformation. 
While they do have different trends and key players, the underlying burden is clear, customer experience. 

Here we bring up 2019’s top 3 propositions which influenced the digital transformation within E-Commerce and Fintech. 

Open Banking - Continues to accelerate

Open banking has been a rising priority for traditional banks and it's expected to be the number one priority for top-level management in the banking sector. Clearly, open banking is here to simplify things like applying for a mortgage, paying someone, getting paid, and managing finances. 
Any initiative by a bank to open its APIs to third parties comes with the benefits of better functionality, new revenue streams, and improved customer experience. 
The overall concept of OB is to envelop the need for banks and FIs to respond to consumer demands for simple and painless experiences. 

Fintech and Big Tech Companies

In our view, Fintechs aren’t simply a threat to banking, they represent an opportunity. Fintech and big tech companies are leveraging the APIs to offer seamless financial services to vast customer bases while delivering great customer experiences.
Tech companies can thrive most by partnering with banks, given the complex regulatory systems in place big techs can navigate the landscape of banking while helping banks execute digital transformations.

Banking and Customer experience

Customer experience, a repeated theme for both traditional banks or financial institutions and neo or challenger banks in 2019. 
Both of them have experienced technological glitches. However, transparent and clear action, instant acknowledgment of their responsibility to resolve an issue, and frequent customer updates that allow customers to feel in control have reduced the repercussions.

As customer experience is a common ground, in 2020, we expect fintech and e-commerce to sharpen customer engagement programs.