Cross-Border Payments and Reporting Plus (CBPR+) market practice working group were formed in January 2019 to formulate common guidelines for the use of ISO 20022 for cross-border payments and cash reporting. CBPR+ group is aligned with the PMPG High-Value Payment System Plus (HVPS+) guidelines that serve as a common baseline for the ISO 20022 specifications of key high-value payments system operators, including the US Federal Reserve, The Clearing House, The Bank of England, EBA Clearing, and the Eurosystem.

CBPR+ defines how ISO 20022 should be used for cross-border payments and cash reporting on the SWIFT network. It is imperative that users implement the specifications correctly, as SWIFT itself will validate the harmonization.

This primary step will ensure the consistency of data for payments that include one or more high-value payment systems in their end-to-end processing. CBPR+ is also fully aligned with SLAs and market practices for SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi).

First usage guidelines include - 

ISO 20022 Messages

Specifications for - 
  • pacs.008 – FI to FI Customer Credit Transfer
  • pacs.009 – FI to FI Institution Credit Transfer
  • pacs.002 – FI to FI Payment Status Report
  • pacs.004 – Payment Return
  • camt.053 – Bank to Customer Statement
  • camt.054 – Bank to Customer Debit Credit Notification
  • camt.056 – FI to FI Payment Cancellation Request

MT/ISO 20022 Translation - To facilitate community interoperability.
  • Translation rules to and from the existing MT message types.
  • Interactive and online Sandbox.
CBPR+ working group members are also in the process of testing translation rules between pacs.008 and MT 103 messages. Translation rules will be published as they are approved on MyStandards in a new Translation Portal planned to go live in January 2020.
The following additional usage guidelines will be published as part of the first phase of usage guideline definition before end-Q1 2020:
  • head.001 – Business Application Header
  • camt.052 – Bank To Customer Account Report
  • camt.057 – Notification to Receive
  • camt.060 – Account Reporting Request
Resources, which include - dynamic online documentation, downloadable PDF and Excel specifications and online testing service, are available on the SWIFT mystandards page, this is to assist SWIFT users, vendors, and consultants.