Mapping rules define how SWIFT MT messages are translated to Cross Border and Payments (CBPR+) ISO 20022 and vice versa. 
These rules will be implemented in SWIFT translation products designed to facilitate community interoperability during the four-year transition period, from November 2021 to November 2025.
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The portal offers user-friendly documentation and easy-to-use testing of the translation rules. Users simply input a SWIFT MT message and see the equivalent translated ISO 20022 message or vice versa. The aim of the portal is to facilitate migration challenges by providing a tool with easy access to mapping rules documentation and tests ‒ resulting in reduced migration costs and risks.

The Translator is designed to translate and validate to and from vast array of formats including FIN MT, ISO 20022 MX, iDOC, XML (e.g. FpML), proprietary CSV, EDI, EDIFACT, BACS, BAI, CFONB, Fedwire, and more, I.e. translate messages in production environment to and from any– SWIFT and non-SWIFT – format.
It is java based and boasts a user-friendly GUI, best of all, it can be deployed as a standalone solution or embedding it in one of the existing application servers, middleware or a business application. 

To get access follow these steps: 

  • SWIFT Translator addresses the market need with a mapping, validation and translation solution across all formats and channels that reduce the number of solutions needed.
  • It is the solution to prepare for many upcoming ISO20022 migrations. 
  • Market Infrastructures, Market Practices Groups, and Financial Institutions) have published over 23,000 Usage Guidelines on MyStandards. SWIFT Translator lets you reuse these specifications work (Usage Guidelines) published in MyStandards and use it as the source or target formats in your mapping design. Keeping a consistent approach between documentation and the field.
  • It supports new formats without impacting legacy systems, easing cross-channel, cross-format migration.
  • The rich feature set provided in SWIFT Translator allows easy design translation solutions with no need for code programming skills. It embarks powerful conversion and mapping features making it easy to convert from the source to the target field. This approach guarantees for easy updates and maintenance as no IT project is required to change the mapping rules.
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