Settlement is the biggest problem! Not messaging.

After spending millions of Euros in implementing SR 2018 changes and preparing for 2019, banks are still struggling with manual workarounds. However, if banks are happy with SWIFT GPI, then Ripple should refocus on their settlement services rather than eyeing messaging services.
xCurrent is certainly better than Swift GPI in every possible way (based on what I have learned to date), but, if Swift GPI is ‘good enough’ for banks then why will they take the risk of remodeling existing platforms and implement Ripplenet? Not to forget Swift has been in the financial messaging world for 45 years and has a huge clientele.
Ripple can focus on settlement services (which they excel in) and sell plug-ins to existing ecosystems (API route will be less frictionless!).
It will thus disrupt the Nostro / Vostro system, speed up reconciliation times drastically while reducing costs.
Only if the plugin works, it will be a killer. SWIFT network will get better, Ripple will make more money and above all -customers will be genuinely happy.